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By AccraEventsGH

After several years of exporting our rich history, vibrant culture and active social lifestyles, it should come as no surprise that there are intriguing things to do in Accra all week. Just like last year, I've embraced Accra's ceaseless energy and curated a concise guide highlighting some of the finest activities for each day of the week. With a city that pulses with numerous lively events daily, I've distilled the options to five per day, ensuring a diverse selection without repeating any establishment multiple times.

Seeing that this is a yearly selection of 5 of the Top / Interesting Events to attend in Accra each day, some events may be repeated from last year whereas others may have been canceled, relocated, renamed, or simply removed from the list this year.

(Note that some of the spots mentioned are lively on multiple days of the week, but because of the list constraints [namely, 5 each day and no repetition], I had to calculate, prioritize and reorganize).


  • 📍Silverbird Cinemas | 10:00AM - Monday Madness (Movie Discounts)

  • 📍Bella Afrik | 7:30PM- Romantic Bliss (Live Piano Nights)

  • 📍Zen Garden | 8:30PM - Acoustic Mondays (Acoustic live music)

  • 📍Club 69 | 10:00PM - Temptations (Clubbing)

  • 📍Exhale Lounge | 8:00PM - Open Skies (Live DJ Sets and performers)


Karaoke In Accra
  • 📍The Area Bar | 6:00PM - Sip & Paint (Acrylic on Canvas painting experience)

  • 📍Honeysuckle Labone | 8:00PM - Game Night (Bingo, Bottle flip, Charades & Banana in a Box)

  • 📍Republic Bar & Grill | 8:00PM - Karaoke Night (Sing your heart out with signature alcohol)

  • 📍The Gold Coast | 8:00PM - Salsa & Kizomba Tuesdays (Dance Classes)

  • 📍Kruna Night Club | 11:59PM - On A Tuesday (Clubbing til 7AM)


Live Music
  • 📍The Woods | 7:00PM - Party at the Woods (Live music and DJ sets)

  • 📍+233 Jazz Bar | 7:00PM - Lipstick Band (Live cover bands)

  • 📍Afrikiko | 8:00PM - Salsa Night (Salsa Lessons and Flash Mobs)

  • 📍Foodyard | 10:00PM - Lipstick Wednesday (Twerk & Win)

  • 📍Club Rave | 10:00PM - Any Given Wednesdays (clubbing on a Wednesday)


Pool Party in Accra
  • 📍BarnDoor Beer Garden | 6:00PM - Trivia Night

  • 📍Hermanos Jungle | 7:00PM - Hot Tub Thursdays (Pool Party)

  • 📍La Borracha | 7:00PM - La Loteria (Mexican Themed Game Night)

  • 📍Nguni Bar & Grill | 7:30PM - Trivia Night (5 Rounds of General Knowledge)

  • 📍Lavo Ultra Lounge | 8:00PM - Tipsy Thursdays (Clubbing)


Rave in Accra
  • 📍Alliance Francaise | 6:00PM - AF Friday & Groove (Concert & DJ Rotation)

  • 📍BeeHive | 7:00PM - Kimoji (Alternating Game Night & DJs on Rotation)

  • 📍The Alley Bar | 8:00PM - Vim Fridays (Fridays with DJ VimTinz)

  • 📍SOHO Lounge | 8:00PM - Simply Irresistible (Live Music & Performances)

  • 📍Front/Back | 10:00PM - Beats Fridays (Hot DJ sets from residents)


  • 📍Bloom Bar | 7:00PM - Bloom Saturdays (Gets Lively ONLY in December)

  • 📍Mood Bar | 8:00PM - House Therapy (House Music DJs on Rotation)

  • 📍Honeysuckle ANC | 9:00PM - Karaoke Night (Karaoke & Free Shots)

  • 📍Oasis Lounge | 10:00PM - Saturdaze (Clubbing All Night)

  • 📍MAD Club | 11:59PM - Reloaded (DJs and Live Performers all Night)


Brunch in Accra
  • 📍Vine Lounge | 2:00PM - Vine Sunsets (Classy Brunch)

  • 📍Noire Lounge | 7:00PM - Karaoke with the Stars (Karaoke with local celebrities)

  • 📍Garage Bar | 8:00PM - Garage Sundays (Themed Party or Concert)

  • 📍Level Bar & Lounge | 8:00PM - Untamed Sundays (Clubbing)

  • 📍Ace Tantra | 11:00PM - Weekends at Ace (Clubbing till Monday Morning)

There are more intriguing places and activities littered around our fair city throughout the week. This list only highlights 5 venues each day and avoids repetition. See more events and options here or check our social media platforms @AccraEvents.GH. Contact @AccraEventsGH to curate a trip to Accra for your next vacation or provide services for your upcoming events.


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